Mathieu Hautebas

Sysadmin, Dev, RE


About Me

Hi !
I'm Mathieu, I live in Paris, France. I'm currently a student working as a System and Network Administrator in apprenticeship at Alter Way.
I mostly code in C and Python and do DevOps things.
I'm an opensource advocate and try to contribute to open source projets. I'm a member of OpenJailbreak a repo with a lot of open source exploits and jailbreaking tools built from scratch.
I also own a blog


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Alter Way

System and network administrator -

As a Sysadmin my role is to do :

  • Linux server management, patch management and Securing Server.
  • Setup high availability services.
  • Work in DevOPS environment, with tools such as Ansible.
Varnish KVM Linux Docker Ansible Nginx
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Minister of the Interior (France) - DGCL

Software Developer -

Design and development of client-server software in C# to collect and format system data from the computers for the Local Authorities General Direction (DGCL).

  • Design, develop, test C# software on Windows 10.
  • Git versionning and CI/CD.
c# visual studio windows WMI devops
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Technical assistant -

Maintenance, testing, scripting and inventory management.

Linux VirtualBox Vagrant


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Master- -

System, Network and Security architect.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Orchestration.
  • Networking.
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Bachelor - -

This year was pretty cool, I have learned a lot of stuff and made awesome projets awesome people.
  • Bombarman : LAN game, with SDL2 written in C.
  • My_Youtube : Youtube like website with an awesome API and nice UI
  • my_deployer : Docker deployment tool written in Python
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ESME Sudria

Advanced Technician's Certificate (BTS SNIR)- -

Basic computer science things.
  • Networking.
  • Algorithm design.
  • Programming.